Ziggy Block Stool


The Ziggy Block Stool side tables are a great combination of graphic, contemporary and playful design. Sturdy and sleek, these guys double as a true work of art as well as a handsome side table or plinth. Kiln dried timber construction, these are available in a WHITE or BLACK satin polyurethane. Custom colours available by request. (Additional costs apply).

DIMENSIONS H600 x W400mm x D400mm


IMPORTANT : Please note that timber is a natural, living material. Cracks, holes and imperfections are a natural part of the timber and are not a fault or flaw of the piece, rather, it is a unique and beautiful characteristic of each piece. The care of wood furniture varies according to the wood type and finish, and the function of the piece.

All our timber products are intended for INDOOR use only. They are carved from Indonesian Suar Timber which has been kiln dried for several weeks and have a waterproofed base with furniture feet/castors applied to every piece.

Timber products tend to expand and contract over time with different humidity's and environmental conditions and you may notice cracks appear and subside overtime. Timber, however, is a natural product and existing fluids and moisture can sometimes continue to leech through the base of each stool over time. We DO NOT recommend placing these items directly onto carpet or rugs. A protective liner must be used if placing timber pieces onto carpet or rugs where limited airflow exists.  

To minimise movement or cracking, solid furniture should not be placed outside (unless the item is specified for outdoor use), in direct sunlight, or in heavily air-conditioned or climate controlled areas.

General Care

  • To dust, we recommend using a microfiber cloth for wood furniture, as this will not damage the surface.
  • For deeper cleaning, wipe the surface of your timber with a damp cloth, then dry with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting.
  • The surface of your furniture should not come in contact with hot and/or moist/wet containers/materials. We always recommend using coasters, place mats, tablecloths and table runners to protect furniture surfaces from heat and stains. Take extra care to protect your surfaces from candles and heated objects. Please use protective layers between the surface and decorative items to avoid discolouration and scratching.
  • If you choose to polish your furniture with a product/solvent, you should always try it out first on a small, inconspicuous area to trial how your timber will react.
  • All these pieces have been finished in a 2-pack polyurethane satin finish (white or black) and have a protective waterproofed base with feet/casters applied.
  • To prevent permanent discolouration, do not leave objects in the same position on the furniture over long periods of time.